Nature Journal Highlights

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The Kellogg Creek Watershed sign is found along the Greenway Bike Trail. It is a good example of how widespread a watershed can be. Also, the image on the sign is a good "definition" of what a watershed is. The day was clear and the blue sky made the greens of the trees even more obvious. There was no wind and the temperature was 85 degrees F. The Jordan Creek watershed flows into Big Creek and this in turn is a part of the Grand River Watershed as is Kellogg Creek.

Here is an example of one of my nature journals.


Here are two nature photos that might be familiar to you if you viewed the video clip on the blog. I asked where in the world I was. Some of you guessed right. I was on the North Carolina coast. I visited Sunset Beach, North Carolina a week or so before the Porter Explorers started. Good work to those who guessed right.
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The late afternoon sun shone through the beach grass. While along the shore the sanderlings raced against the tide to grab their hard won morsels.
Bird Island is no longer an island, but it is still a North Carolina Coastal Reserve. Soon the sea turtles will find the beach once again to lay their eggs and escape back to the Atlantic.

To complete an on-line Nature Journal assignment you can access the following Live Animal Cams. One is from National Geographic and one is from the National Zoo. Go on-line and observe. Watch for awhile. What are the animals doing? Think about what you saw then make an entry in your journal. Do a sketch. Add an interpretive statement. Here are the web sites

National Zoo-->

Check out this observation of baby tiger cubs at the National Zoo.

National Geographic-->

This is where you can add your own pictures and on-line commentary. Let's see what a collaborative journal looks like. RB